Create the life you deserve.

We offer various services so that you can live your optimal life. Holistic services like Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing like Reikki, Workshops and Life Coaching to assist  with removing blocks not allowing you to live life to the fullest.

Basically to remind you of your TRUTH-- YOU ARE LOVE!!

Please contact us to inquire on details and cost associated with various services and packages.

​Sample Prices:
  • 20-Minute Consultation: FREE
  • 60-Minute Intuitive Coaching: $100
  • 45-Minute Consultation & 1-Hour Hypnosis (2 Separate Days) $200
  • 45-Minute Consultation and 2-One Hour Hypnosis Sessions: $300 
  • Regular Intuitive Coaching*: $75 a hour or ​4-Prepaid Sessions: $240  *Regular client sessions include  periodic Hypnosis Sessions

 Please request your free 20 minute consultation.

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