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Bliss Always offers various services so that you can live your optimal life. Holistic Heart-centered services like Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, workshops/retreats and Intuitive Business & Life Coaching that embrace Law of Attraction Principles to assist  with removing blocks not allowing you to live your best life! Basically to remind you of your TRUTH--YOU ARE LOVE & DESERVE JOY ON YOUR JOURNEY!


If you are ready to move forward towards more love, joy and abundance, please inquire on details and cost associated with various services and packages. 

  • 20-Minute Consultation: FREE
  • 60-Minute Intuitive Coaching: $100
  • 45-Minute Coaching  & 1-Hour Hypnosis (2 Separate Days) $200
  • 45-Minute Coaching and 2-One Hour Hypnosis Sessions: $300 
  • Ongoing Intuitive Coaching*:
  • $75 a hour or ​4-Prepaid Monthly Sessions: $240
  • *Regular client sessions include  periodic Hypnosis Sessions

 Please request your free 20 minute consultation.

Face-to-face  in Ventura County. Worldwide by phone  or zoom.

Reach out if you want to  reduce  stress, fear or anxiety;  energetic cord-cutting ; discover your life purpose, gain direction for relationships, health and career goals.  Explore Hypnotherapy for fun to  get messeges from spirit, clear your chakras, or connect with a past life.

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